Old Dogs and Fish

I have had reason lately to think about the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. You see I’m a natural born story teller, and gifted teacher but for reasons that are both tedious and romantic depending on my mood, I’m able to do neither.

So what? So I need to reinvent myself…

take classes, learn bits of CODING and SQL and BOOK KEEPING and there I am …

and old dog, with new tricks. I get them, I’m fine at them, I’m happy to be entry level with them… but as I lay my bone down in front of potential employer after potential employer… what happens? I get a pat on the head.

Look they say, a talking dog! .. Isn’t that amazing…

SOMETIMES… they even ask me in – to give me questions and HEAR me talk… but nothing is going to happen, they know it and even though my tail is wagging as hard as it can and my ears are cocked and my head is tilted ready to run after any ball they throw, they see through that. They see the entry level new trick, and the old dog above it…. pat me on the head and say “Good dog”.

… one crowd even liked my CAN DO attitude, not enough to take a chance on me, but enough to tell me that they liked to see it. Of course they do, what’s not to like? And the crazy part? I wasn’t lying I actually CAN do these jobs…


I see my fur falling out and my legs falling off and the scales are creeping over my skin and I look at the tree and hear:

‘If you tell a fish to climb a tree, she will feel like a failure all her life. ‘

But what happens when fish HAVE to learn to climb?




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