In my life I have learned what a few things mean. I have learned that there is INDEED a “sunny side of the street”, it’s not just a song.

I have learned to “make hay while the sun shines” because, tomorrow it actually might start to rain for, well, the whole summer.

Most importantly, I have learned that Necessity is indeed the mother of Invention.

I had my beautiful darling daughter who arrived stylishly late and was of COURSE the best girl ever produced in the history of humankind. She remained stylish and perfect until she wasn’t anymore, perfect that is. She needed glasses.

At the time glasses seemed like such a big deal because at the time, it WAS a big deal. Then we got used to it, though I will never  forgive the woman in the health “service” who called for my daughter by shouting out “GLASSES!!! GLASSES!!!” in a nearly empty room, but I digress.

Time marched on and my ALMOST perfect creation grew older and of course remained the best girl ever produced by humankind, even if she had a flaw with her vision. Then we were told her eyes were not only not perfect but she would have to use an eye patch.

Off we went, got the patches, and away we started. Sooner done, sooner over and for 3 months we patched… and I wondered WHY ON EARTH do they package 28 plasters in a box when there are 30 or 31 days in a month? I also wondered Why is it my slightly flawed daughter manages to get “emotional” (ok, ok ball her eyes out) EVERY patching session making a mockery of using only one patch per session?

My mother wondered if there was a better way as she listened to all the drama of the patching times. I was sure “No, no, this is what we were told to do, we will do it and her eyes will get better.” So the three months dragged on and then passed and darling daughter and I were delighted with ourselves. We had done EVERYTHING strictly as we were told. The orthoptist looked, smiled, examined, and we preened, ready to glow under her praise, and were told, Double the patching time, double the months, see you then.

My daughter and I were devastated. As my daughter cried she also told me the things she hadn’t before, like how the plasters had pulled out her eyebrows. I knew they hurt but plucking hair out made it seem more real.

So faced with more and more, I took my mother’s advice and set about making an alternative and came up with our Cozy Patch. We went off the grid, we quit buying sticky plasters. I made patch after patch to try out different styles and fits. By the end, my daughter was devoted to a pink sequined patch. I was 90 % sure we were on to a winner the day the timer rang to mark the end of patching time and I came into the room and found my daughter had heard the timer but had been too busy and forgot to take the patch off!

I was 100% sure our idea worked when we went back to the Orthoptist and we held our breath, we’d gone rough, we’d not used a sticky plaster, had I ruined my daughter? Would we need more and more patching? Would I be yelled at for being a negligent parent? Nope eye fixed, patching worked, time over, no more patching needed.

I became like a zealot, eager to share this more comfortable way to patch, and here I am…sewing machine to one side, stack of fabrics to the other ready to create patch after patch… and my daughter? Still wearing glasses, never needed to patch again, and still the best girl ever created by humankind and a wonderful sister to her equally awesome brothers.

cozy-patch-logocome and see us sometime


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